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What is I.T. Management and How It Can Help Your Business Succeed?

  • by Mailynne Calvin

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Outsource IT Services 

Long gone are the days when every small or medium-sized business had a team of IT experts on staff. Instead, more companies than ever before are outsourcing their managed network services and overall IT strategy, implementation, and support to an IT services managed company. 

As a provider of managed IT services in Hendersonville, TN, INETCO has walked many clients through this decision. Here we explain the top 3 reasons for companies to outsource IT management to an IT services company like INETCO. 

Managed IT Services Have More Knowledge

One of the main benefits of hiring an IT services managed company is the knowledge they bring to your organization. When you hire a managed IT service company like INETCO, you have access to experts with decades worth of experience in their field. Instead of being assisted by a team of one or two entry-level or mid-level IT professionals, you have an entire team of IT experts with knowledge and expertise in different aspects of IT services. 

INETCO was founded in 1997 by father and son pair Don and Donnie Evans to provide voice and IT solutions to small and mid-sized companies throughout Middle Tennessee. Over the years, IT and voice solutions changed rapidly, and INETCO grew to an active team of industry experts that focus on managing and monitoring IT systems and services.

Managed IT Services Provide More Services

These days, companies rely on technology for nearly every aspect of their businesses. When that technology fails or doesn’t work as designed, your business suffers. That’s why hiring an IT services managed company is so important. Companies like INETCO offer a wide range of services and provide support to all aspects of the technology in your business. We help our clients by auditing current systems, making plans for improvements, installing new hardware and software, monitoring systems and performance 24/7, and managing voice and IT infrastructures.

3 Reasons Why Businesses Need IT Services | Managed Company for Hire Explains Why

Managed IT Services are Proactive

INETCO provides managed IT services in Hendersonville TN, and we take a proactive approach to all that we do. We believe our job is to prevent IT problems for our clients before they happen. Our experts monitor our clients’ systems 24/7, 365 days a year, and often detect and fix potential problems before our clients are aware of any issues at all. 

Plus, we operate with a different set of values. Most managed IT companies make money by charging you big hourly fees for help when your networks or systems are down. Our goal is for you never to need that tech support because your systems continue to work flawlessly 24/7. That’s why our clients enjoy a fixed monthly fee that never fluctuates regardless of how many service calls they might need. We profit when our customers don’t face IT disasters, so we make sure they don’t. 

Our clients say we’re the best managed IT services in Hendersonville TN! We’d love to add your company to our list of happy clients! Contact us today to find out how INETCO can work with you: 615-846-7777.