IT Security

Don’t Fall for the Phish: Email security strategies for small- and medium-sized businesses

  • by Mailynne Calvin

Cybercrime continues to surge, with 2020 seeing more phishing attempts, virus threats and malware attacks than ever before. According to KnowBe4, INETCO’s phishing and security training partner, global phishing attempts increased more than 6,000-percent during the Covid-19 pandemic! In addition, the average ransomware payments have gone from just over $10,000 to closer to $250,000 in under two years. This means organizations are facing starkly increased liability and potentially catastrophic damages to their business from cybercrimes.

Unfortunately, many nefarious threat actors specifically target small- and medium-sized businesses with the hopes that their cyber security standards and practices are weaker than global conglomerates, therefore making it easier to steal data, encrypt company information and capitalize on network and user vulnerabilities. 

Some of the most common threats facing organizations are found within emails: phishing scams. In fact, phishing scams are responsible for 70 to 90% of all malicious digital breaches. Phishing scams use emails, texts, instant messaging or really any form of digital interaction to attempt to steal or gain access to passwords, credit card information or sensitive company data. 

Most businesses assume that phishing scams will not hit them until well … they do. That’s why every organization, especially small- and medium-sized companies, must put simple strategies in place including technology and employee training on cybersecurity threats.

By working with an experienced IT partner like INETCO, organizations gain access to easy-to-use technologies that mitigate and limit their exposure to phishing scams. INETCO’s technology solutions monitor and protect businesses 24/7/365. Plus, INETCO provides training to help users spot and ultimately not fall victim to phishing attempts. We essentially become your IT partner to provide a comprehensive security plan to mitigate and monitor phishing attempts, while also training your employees to recognize common red flags in phish emails. 

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