Finding the Best Managed IT Company

  • by Mailynne Calvin

Finding the best managed IT company to handle your business’s internet technology needs can be stressful. How do you really know if you’re selecting the right company? What if you end up getting poor service but you’re stuck in a long-term contract? 

When selecting the best managed IT company, it’s important to consider several factors. First, what exactly is a managed IT company and why do you need one? Basically,  managed IT is when a business decides to outsource its IT functions to another company. That company is called a managed IT company or IT support company. The support and services provided by the managed IT company can be as basic as maintaining equipment or as complex as information technology planning and strategy.

Best Managed IT Company Servers

Second, why do you need a managed IT company? More organizations than ever before, especially small and mid-sized businesses, are deciding to outsource IT management because of the benefits it offers. Business owners enjoy peace of mind knowing that the managed IT company is handling that side of the business. Plus, the IT support company has the expertise to effectively plan, install, monitor, and manage the business’s voice and IT infrastructures 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Finally, what services do you need the managed IT company to provide for your business? Some IT support companies specialize in providing hardware support like network setup and structured cabling. Others have expertise in cyber security and setting up secure networks. Others operate more like an on-demand help desk to provide tech support. To choose the best managed IT company for your business, you have to decide what services and support you’ll want to hand over to the company.

Best IT Support Company in Hendersonville

INETCO is an IT support company in Hendersonville, Tennessee, with over 20 years of experience. We began as a father-son team working together in our basement, but now we’re headquartered in the outskirts of Nashville, and employ a great team of experienced technicians, analysts, and IT leaders. We help our clients by auditing current systems, making plans for improvements, installing new hardware and software, monitoring systems and performance 24/7, and managing voice and IT infrastructures.

We make it our business to know your business, so we can help with everything from a simple network issue to more complex systems management situations. 

Plus, we operate with a different set of values. Most managed IT companies make money by charging you high hourly fees for help when their networks or systems are down. Our goal is for you never to need that tech support because your systems continue to work flawlessly 24/7. That’s why our clients enjoy a fixed monthly fee that never fluctuates regardless of how many service calls they might need. We profit when our customers don’t face IT disasters, so we make sure they don’t. 

Our clients say we’re the best IT support company in Hendersonville! We’d love to add your company to our list of happy clients! Contact us today to find out how INETCO can work with you: 615-846-7777.