Guide for Managed IT services for Small Businesses

  • by Mailynne Calvin

Need Managed IT Services for your Business?

Small businesses usually rely a lot on technology; however, if there is a hardware or a software problem, then the whole operation of the business comes to a standstill. While some small businesses hire internal IT experts, there are many advantages of managed IT services for a small business. 

  • Knowledge: The most significant advantage of hiring managed IT services professionals (MSPs) is the knowledge they bring to the table. These professionals have usually had decade’s worth of experience and come from various backgrounds.
  • Variety of Services: Most Managed IT services professionals offer a range of services, which will help grow your business. It is tough for a business to scale the internal IT department, which is why MSP experts are hired.
  • Maintenance and Monitoring: Another benefit of hiring an MSP expert is that they can prevent problems before they happen, saving you many costs. MSP experts are also cost-effective because you only hire them temporarily.

Hendersonville’s Managed IT Company

INETCO Small Businesses IT Services

INETCO is a managed IT support company that is based in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Hundreds of businesses utilize the IT expertise of the company to plan, manage and install their IT infrastructure. INETCO also invests heavily in monitoring, management and ticketing tools to different companies. INETCO also has several software partners such as:

·         SonicWALL

·         Tigerpaw

·         Veeam

·        Peak10

·        NEC

·        VMWare

With the help of these industry-leading softwares, INETCO provides top-quality managed IT and hardware services to different companies.

Managed IT Services

INETCO provides its clients with a service baseline that includes proactive management of your network and infrastructure and at a fixed cost. INETCO offers voice solutions and PBX solutions. Experts at INETCO personally install and manage all the systems at different companies. 

What is an IT support company?

An IT Support Company is a service provider, and comprises several IT technicians and experts that manage a wide variety of information technology products. Usually, IT experts have full knowledge about the following:

·         General computing systems

·         Electronic hardware

·         Device networking

·         Software applications

Each IT expert that is employed at an IT support company, including INETCO, has its own set of skills and is expert in information technology. If an IT team has a wealth of technological knowledge, then they can be really beneficial for a company and will be able to offer a variety of products. As a local managed IT service provider, we are just a phone call away for any IT issues you have.

With how the business landscape is changing, IT has now become a requirement for businesses, if you are to operate properly and efficiently. Companies can have their own IT departments but it will be expensive. The best thing to do is to outsource your IT requirements to a different company that is good at managing those requirements. That’s our area of focus and our expertise.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about IT services for your business or office.