Hardware as a Service

INETCO’s HaaS solution is an alternative to the outright purchase of hardware and equipment.  Our solution provides clients with the physical equipment, monitoring, and management all at a fixed monthly cost.  Rather than make large capital expenditures on equipment, PC’s, routers, servers, etc, HaaS customers get all the functionality they require at a manageable and predictable monthly cost.

Network Cabling & Servers


HaaS – IT

Large unexpected expenses occur when new hardware is needed or hardware fails.  Eliminate large capital expenditures with our HaaS solutions.  Providing PC’s, Servers, Switching, Routing, Firewalls, and a host of other hardware and software solutions via HaaS eliminates large and often unexpected capital expenditures.  INETCO HaaS provides predictable and manageable monthly costs for hardware, monitoring, and management of your entire IT infrastructure.

HaaS – Phone Systems

Clients want hosted voice solutions without the technical problems associated with hosted voice in the cloud.  Do you experience static, drops, pops, etc. from your hosted environment?  Our HaaS solution for business phone systems provide a hybrid environment to build your voice infrastructure based on your unique infrastructure and needs.  Our HaaS phone system solutions can be hosted in the cloud, on premise, combined with current contracted dial tone on premise, enabled through SIP trunking, and certainly others.  We design our HaaS solution to fit your particular infrastructure, budget, and overall communication needs.

Nashville Class


INETCO managed IT services provide clients with a service baseline that incorporates best practices and proactive management of your network and infrastructure at a near fixed monthly cost. INETCO voice solutions include on premise and hosted PBX solutions. INETCO Plans, Installs, Monitors, and Manages IT and voice networks and have been for over 20+ years.

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