Managed IT Services

We are not just fixing customer assets… We are growing them…

Hundreds of small to medium business utilize INETCO to effectively plan, install, monitor, and manage their voice and IT infrastructures.  INETCO has been in business over 20 years and encompasses a staff that is highly trained, motivated, and capable.  We are humbled by the extreme trust our customers place in us.  Your network is vital to the success of your business.  We manage your assets and infrastructure fully understanding the importance you place on our ability to effectively plan, install, monitor, and manage your network.

Managed IT

Differentiation: Our Technology Partners

INETCO invests heavily in management, monitoring, and ticketing tools to enable staff to provide superior support.  Our industry partners include those leading their respective fields:  Solarwinds, Tigerpaw, SonicWALL, Veeam, Peak10, NEC, and VMWare to name a few.  INETCO uses these industry leading applications, hardware, services, and service providers to enhance and enable our support staff to provide Managed IT service that is simply a step above.

We don’t just react.  We are proactive.  We respond to monitored events, alerts, and proactively notify or resolve issues.  Rest assured that through industry leading applications, INETCO is actively monitoring and managing 24-7-365.


Let’s Profit Together

Let’s face it, a majority of IT Service Providers profit when your systems are down even though you are paying them to maintain your network. We operate with a different set of values. Our clients enjoy a fixed monthly fee that never fluctuates regardless of how many service calls or problems. We can only profit when our customers don’t face IT disasters. Out of necessity, we must go that extra mile to proactively manage, secure and improve your network to keep IT disasters at bay.

Nashville Class


INETCO managed IT services provide clients with a service baseline that incorporates best practices and proactive management of your network and infrastructure at a near fixed monthly cost. INETCO voice solutions include on premise and hosted PBX solutions. INETCO Plans, Installs, Monitors, and Manages IT and voice networks and have been for over 20+ years.

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