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Meet INETCO: Proactive Managed IT Solutions for Business Owners

  • by Mailynne Calvin

INETCO was formed in 1997 by father and son pair Don and Donnie Evans to provide voice and data solutions to small and mid-sized companies throughout Middle Tennessee. When Donnie graduated from Maryville College that year, he convinced his father to start the business together to work in the growing IT network and software industry. With Donnie having a newly earned business degree and Don Evans having years of experience working in private telephone networks (PBX) deployments, satellite and microwave distribution systems, the two were a powerhouse combination. 

In the years since then, IT and voice solutions have changed rapidly. When INETCO began in the Evans’ basement, IT was reactionary. Windows 95 and NT was in its infancy. There was no such thing as cloud computing. Instead hardware was physical, with data storage, systems, and software all onsite. Remote working was unheard of. 

Today, IT services are proactive. Computing happens in the cloud. More companies are relying on remote working options, even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. And INETCO has grown and evolved just as the voice and data industry has too. 

INETCO focuses on managing and monitoring IT systems and services to minimize downtime for our clients. We provide immediate response and want our customers to trust that they are more than just a number, call center response, or a ticket to us. INETCO provides personalized services that enable our customers direct access to the solutions and resolutions they need. Our goal at INETCO is to serve our clients as a highly accessible, trusted member of their team.

The INETCO of today abides by several fundamental truths: 

  • Always maintain integrity. 
  • Always do things the right way, even at the expense of profit. 
  • Always pay attention to details. 
  • Always enjoy what we do….we have a putting green, ping pong, and may have beer on tap if you want to stop by on a Friday afternoon and talk IT. 

INETCO is headquartered in the Nashville, Tennessee, area, and serves small to medium-sized companies throughout the Southeastern United States. We’d love to add you to our list! Contact us today to find out how INETCO can work with you!