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SMB Communication Platforms

SMB Communication Platforms help employees of small- to medium-sized companies respond to their business challenges more effectively. SMB Communication Platforms are an ideal investment for small and growing organizations that require an advanced communication solution designed specifically with them in mind.

Built-in management functions bring value and control to growing businesses. Systems are easy to use, install and maintain resulting in a very low Total Cost of Ownership. All SMB Communication Platforms are built for the future and are designed for easy system software upgrades. This design keeps your investment current for many years to come.

Univerge Series

Univerge SV8100


Whether your business is small or medium-sized, NEC’s UNIVERGE SV8100 Communications Server provides the flexibility to meet all of your communication needs. This powerful, feature-rich solution is completely scalable and can be expanded
for future growth.

Univerge SV8100


The UNIVERGE SV8300 Communications Server is a robust, feature-rich solution that can be expanded to meet a medium-sized business’s communications needs for both today and tomorrow.


NEC SL1100


The SL1100 system supports 84 Line Ports or 32 IP Trunks (SIP/H.323), 112 Combined Digital/Analog/IP Telephone Station Ports, and up to 16 Voicemail Ports. Optional features, i.e. the Desktop Client allow the user full call control from their PC screen. Additionally, Mobile Workers can stay connected from their laptop with the optional Softphone application making this unique platform the ideal solution for any small business.

SL1100 Brochure

DSX Series

Univerge SV8100


The DSX-40 system supports a maximum capacity of 8 CO lines, 24 digital telephones or 26 analog telephones using 3 different expansion cards. The capacity as equipped is 4 CO lines, 8 digital key telephone extensions and 2 analog telephone connections.

DSX Brochure

Univerge SV8100


DSX-80 system supports 48 CO line ports and 32 digital station ports using 4 card slots; DSX-160 system supports 160 ports and 8 card slots, which are used for station phones and/or outside lines. Both can accommodate DS Series cards.

DSX Brochure

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