Unified Communications

NEC’s UC for Business (UCB) is a perfect unified communications (UC) solution for small to medium-sized businesses. This single server solution is designed to optimize communications through the convergence of communication channels and business processes. It enables businesses to collaborate more effectively across the enterprise and helps to improve overall productivity.

  • Single server environment enables simplified administration.
  • Rich Presence provides valuable information on people’s whereabouts and availability.
  • Desktop telephony and Microsoft© Office Outlook® integration simplifies call handling and enables users to manage all their communications from their desktop.
  • Sophisticated contact center and operator functionality addresses the unique requirements of these important customer touch points.
  • Third-party integration allows organizations to connect UCB with other business applications easily and cost-effectively.

UCB means less IT infrastructure, less complexity and less drain on resources. With UC for Business, businesses can meet all of their users’ needs, implement an enterprise-wide unified communications solution and minimize total cost of ownership.

Features inclusive of true unified communications:

Operator Console - UCB’s operator Console is a highly functional call management software application designed to allow operators and receptionists to manage incoming calls professionally and efficiently.

Executive Desktop and Executive Insight - Executive Desktop allows users at all levels to manage their phone calls, voice and fax messages from their PC, offering better individual call handling so users can manage their internal and external calls with ease.

Unified Messaging for Exchange or Lotus - UCB’s UM lets users access and manage both voice and fax messages from within Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes alongside their email.

Executive Conference - Executive Conference provides audio-conferencing for up to 64 internal and external parties, via your UCB application.

Executive Mobile - Mobility has become one of the key features of Unified Communications, offering the ability to communicate wherever you are – on your terms.

Fax Messaging - Fax Messaging provides management of fax traffic from within Outlook, Console, Desktop or Insight/Lotus via Unified Messaging.

Networked Presence - View Presence for all users at all locations: phone status (on or off hook), Presence profile, forwarding status and the number of new faxes or messages. Users know whether anyone in the wider company is available at a glance and can even request notification of when remote users return to their desk, based on keyboard, mouse or phone activity.

CT Control - CT Control is the brain behind agent call delivery. It lets managers maximize the efficiency of their contact center by giving them control over the delivery of all phone, email, fax and web initiated requests.

Agent Desktop - Agent Desktop lets managers view real-time information on queue and agent performance. This information can also be distributed to as many PCs on the LAN as desired, assisting managers and agents in making the right decisions at the right time.

Custom Announcements - Custom Announce is a sophisticated announcement module that has been proven to significantly reduce abandonment rates in contact center environments.

Callback - Callback allows contact centers to differentiate themselves from their competitors by giving their callers a choice – offering them the option of an automated Callback, eliminating the frustration of waiting in a queue. Callback also reduces the costs associated with callers holding on your inbound free-phone number.

IVR - UCB’s IVR is a total solution that integrates your telephone system, computer infrastructure, databases and business applications, to empower your customers. With IVR, your callers can use their touch-tone telephone to request information.

Multimedia Queuing - Skills-Based Routing - Delivers multimedia communications to your agents in the familiar way their calls are received. Phone calls are delivered to agents via a queue, and so can communications from other multimedia contact channels.

Email Queuing - Increase customer satisfaction by ensuring that email requests are handled quickly and efficiently – not left sitting unanswered or being forwarded around your organization.

Fax Queuing - Managing fax communications can be a headache, but with UCB’s Fax Queuing module you can now queue, deliver and report on fax communications quickly and efficiently.

Web Queuing - Web Callback offers a convenient way for those browsing your website to request a call from one of your agents.

Outdial Queuing - Outdial Queuing dramatically improves the quality, success and productivity of every outbound customer contact by intelligently managing calls from within your UCB solution.

Networked Queuing - No matter what the geographical location or manner of operation (one virtual contact center, ‘follow the sun’, or overflow), Networked Queuing can be used to link contact center sites together in a single operation that is more efficient and productive.

Custom Reporting - The target audience for Custom Reporting is customers who require customization of reporting data to suit their business needs / KPI’s., and sites wishing to incorporate contact center data with an existing reporting or Business Intelligence database infrastructure.

Integration - UCB offers a range of plug-ins and customized solutions to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your contact center.

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