Managed IT

Let’s face it. Your current IT Service Provider profits when your systems are down even though you are paying them to maintain your network. We operate with a different set of values. Our clients enjoy a fixed monthly fee that never fluctuates regardless of how many service calls or problems. We can only profit when our customers don't face IT disasters. Out of necessity, we must go that extra mile to proactively manage, secure and improve your network to keep IT disasters at bay.

What is included in our Managed IT Services?

Description Frequency Included in Maintenance
Document software and hardware changes As performed
Test backups with restores Monthly
Monthly reports of work accomplished, work
in progress, etc.
Check print queues As needed
Ensure that all server services are running Daily/hourly
Keep Service Packs, Patches and Hotfixes current as per company policy Monthly
Check event log of every server and identify any potential issues As things appear
Monitor hard drive free space on server, clients Daily/hourly
Reboot servers if needed As needed
Run defrag and chkdsk on all drives As needed
Scheduled off time server maintenance As needed
Install software upgrades As needed
Determine logical directory structure, Implement,
MAP, and detail
Revisit Monthly
Set up and maintain groups (accounting, admin, printers, sales, warehouse, etc) As needed
Check status of backup and restores Daily
Alert office manager to dangerous conditions
-Memory running low
-Hard drive showing sign of failure
-Hard drive running out of disk space
-Controllers losing interrupts
-Network Cards report unusual collision activity
As needed
Educate and correct user errors (deleted files, corrupted files, etc.) As needed
Clean and prune directory structure, keep efficient
and active
Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery of Server(s) As needed
Check router logs Weekly
Performance Monitoring/Capacity Planning Weekly
Monitor DSU/TSU, switches, hubs and internet connectivity, and make sure everything is operational (available for SNMP manageable devices only) Weekly
Major SW/HW upgrades to network backbone, including routers, WAN additions, etc. As needed
Maintain office connectivity to the Internet Ongoing
Check firewall logs Monthly
Confirm that antivirus virus definition auto updates
have occurred
As Needed
Confirm that virus updates have occurred As Needed
Confirm that backup has been performed on a
daily basis
Create new directories, shares and security groups, new accounts, disable/delete old accounts, manage account policies As Needed
Permissions and file system management As Needed
Set up new users including login restrictions, passwords, security, applications As needed
Set up and change security for users and applications As needed
Monitor for unusual activity among users Ongoing
Exchange user/mailbox management As needed
Monitor directory replication As needed
Monitor WINS replication As needed
SQL server management As needed
Overall application disk space management As needed
Ensure Microsoft Office Applications are functioning
as designed
As needed

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