Our infrastructure solutions include in house staff to install, test and certify structured cabling and server rack solutions.  Our infrastructure solutions provide structured network cabling, Demarc extensions, aerial and underground structured cabling, fiber optic backbone solutions,  server rack and enclosure solutions, and stand by power solutions for your infrastructure.


Structured Cabling

INETCO’s structured cabling solutions include design and installation of entrance facilities for service providers, centralized equipment rooms for switching and cabling solutions, backbone cabling for primary and secondary equipment closets, horizontal cabling solutions, patch panels, and rack solutions.  All of our structured cabling solutions are provided through in house cabling technicians allowing INETCO to control quality and oversee the entire project from start to finish.  INETCO adheres to strict TIA standards, certifies each installation and provides a lifetime warranty on all our structured cabling solutions.

Equipment Room / Rack Solutions

INETCO provides solutions to organize your structured cabling through racks, enclosures, patch panels, ladder racks, and wire management.  Whether the MDF (Main Distribution Frame) or IDF (Intermediate Distribution Frame), INETCO provides technicians to design, install, and terminate your structured cabling.  We provide battery backup hardware and solutions as well as switching, routing, and core network hardware.  From jack to core network switch and routing equipment, we provide an end to end solution.

Nashville Class


INETCO managed IT services provide clients with a service baseline that incorporates best practices and proactive management of your network and infrastructure at a near fixed monthly cost. INETCO voice solutions include on premise and hosted PBX solutions. INETCO Plans, Installs, Monitors, and Manages IT and voice networks and have been for over 20+ years.

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